A. Broken Heart Syndrome

Brain over Heart, that constant battle.


The fight hadn't been decided yet, when the Heart decided to give up.

It didn't want to fight anymore, it didn't want to suffer any more loss.

So the Brain won.

Something the Brain wanted, even though it was never too sure of it.

"You need to be safe", it said.
"You can't see through your Heart, you can't let your Heart control your life. If you abandon me now, you will always have to rely onto it. My recovery is unlikely. You can live with a weak Heart, you won't feel as much, but you'll be alive. You won't feel as much and won't let them feel as much. You will stop hurting. You won't have much of an impact on anyone anymore but you can live and learn and be here and no one will ever suffer again. You won't be happy, but you won't cry and it'll be the very last time that you caused pain."

The Heart whispered: "...but I love you and through me you feel, you love."

Shortness of breath.

And then silence.




The Brain told it's left eye: "Cry one tear. No more. A tear for Goodbye, then never cry again.

You won't have to, because it'll be to late."

The Soul hurried over to give its all for this final act.

The tear dropped.

Their symbiosis disbanded.


The Brain is left alone, without it's Soul and Heart, just seeing, processing and keeping the body alive for no more purpose than it's mere existence.

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    Pocahontas (Wednesday, 16 December 2015 20:31)

    This words are worrying me - not because of the disturbing consequences I might read between the lines, but rather because of the mistaken that captivated you. The brain never knows what the heart needs and you can't exist without listening to your heart. You might conceal your emotions from the brain but the heart will go on.

    It's like a thorn in your skin- when you don't make the painful descision to displant it but rather hide the wound under a plaster it'll get worse, infected and might kill you. Maybe the displanting is scaring and at the first view more painful, more bloody and more destroying than hiding the wound- in the long view it's the only way to get healthy any time again.
    Maybe there'll stay a scar but this is what life always does. It will remind you of your decision and helps learning from mistakes.

    And if you can't displant the thorn by yourself, let somebody else help you.

    Finally, I let Dostojewski have the final say:
    "Man kann sich wohl in einer Idee irren, man kann sich aber nicht mit dem Herzen irren."