About my greatest passion. Music.

Concerts I've been to (minor festivals excluded):


Tyler Hilton (+Dion Roy as supporting act) in Berlin, November 2012

-very cozy, little, intimate concert. Since we were only about 150-200 people I was able to sit directly on the stage. During his performance of one of my favourite songs, I put out some sparklers and all of us in the first rows would light them up. After the show he hugged me and thanked me for bringing the sparklers and making it a beautiful experience. He seemed very genuine and nice and he really is so darn good, especially live. Hopefully I'll be able to go to one of his concerts some time again.


Sinéad O'Connor in Amsterdam, September 2014

There's only a handful of artists I'd like to see live. On top of the list: Sinéad O'Connor. This women is a huge inspiration and her music is art, religion. To see her live, has been a dream of mine for some time and last year a very special person in my life fulfilled it. We planned a trip to Amsterdam (a city I truly adore) -and for my birthday I got the tickets for her concert. ...And what can I say. It was a small venue- about 2500 people maybe. We were standing 3rd row. Waiting for her to enter the stage got me all nervous, but when she was finally there I instantly shed a few tears and from then, til her final "that's it.. Goodbye" and very quiet depature, I was in trance. This women's voice is pure emotion. Afterwards I experienced the strangest mix of utter sadness and incredible happiness.


I was also invited to see Bosse live on his Unplugged Tour, somewhere in the last months of 2014.
Although I'm usually not a fan of this kind of music, it was really good, I enjoyed myself, the atmosphere was great, the musical arrangements fantastic, and this Bosse guy himself pretty laid back.

 Sóley in Leipzig, December 2015.

-sold out concert, enchanting voice, wonderful artist. My good friend R. got the tickets for my bday and we had a jolly good time. Surrounded by (hot!) lesbians (not kidding, at least 15 of them, what the heck, right where we stood), my favourite woman from the radio and some good wine. Afterwards we got some fries from McDonalds and more or less danced our way back home.


Some of my favourite songs.